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Weekly Training Activity

This week’s training is a simple task. Give a whirl at completing it!

Although we talk a lot about various FEMA forms (ICS-213’s etc), we sometimes “forget” basic ARRL forms and information. We are going to fill out a FSD-255 for either your base station or, if you are a shelter operator, try filling it out for the shelter where you volunteer.


You can find the form here:


I’m going to try something different… Rather than walking you through filling out the form, everyone try first on their own. I will post an update tomorrow on this post with an example for those who would like it, but until then try to fill out the form! Leave a comment when you’ve done it and/or if you have questions or suggestions.

Next week will be a “spot the errors” and “spot suggested improvements” in an audio recording of sample message traffic between W4ACS and my volunteer for the recording.


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Shelter Operator Survey

ICS-217A Pinellas Shelter Radios 06032015 with linksPlease take the time to fill out a short shelter operator survey. It will help us prepare for Hurricane season! Please Choose an Alternate Shelter in case your Primary Shelter is Not Opened.
See the 2015 SHELTER LIST below the Survey

ICS-217A Pinellas Shelter Radios 06032015 with links

Here is the Final Copy of the Shelter Radio VHF List

VHF Radio Freqs


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echolink1We are working on getting EchoLink working smoothly on the W4ACS repeater system.  At this point in time, access to the repeater via EchoLink is restricted to those who have been granted prior approval.

Prior approval is only granted for those who are registered in the Pinellas County ACS/ARES Database

Please fill out and submit the form below to request approval.

You do not have permission to view this form.