Digital Training

Winlink Training

The purpose of Winlink training is to help users learn and practice the Winlink skill sets needed to support the deployment of Winlink operators to remote locations within or outside Pinellas County during an activation exercise or emergency. Self-paced online learning, on-line training meetings, and radio training nets will be used to support training within Pinellas ACS.

Additional information about Winlink Training is located in the Pinellas ACS Winlink Training Plan.

Winlink Self-Paced Online Learning

Individual on-line self-paced Winlink training allows users to learn about Winlink and its associated applications and hardware on their own schedule. The four topic areas listed below identify information sources and tools readily available on-line. Individuals are encouraged to examine and use the tools as appropriate.

Winlink Online Training Meetings

Winlink on-line training meetings (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc.) will be used to assist users with specific Winlink issues, to present training information to the membership, and to exchange lessons learned obtained from drills and exercises. Online meetings will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Winlink bulletins and training net announcements will be used to notify the membership of upcoming on-line meetings.

Winlink Training Net

The Pinellas ACS Winlink training net will be used to familiarize ACS participants with Winlink skills and to practice digital network operations. Each net will be narrowly focused on a small set of Winlink skills and will be designed to require one hour or less to complete.

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