Staff List & Contact Information

The ACS/ARES Staff are:

NameCall signRoleContact Details
Clayton ParrottKJ4RUSACS Radio Officer (RO),
ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC).;
WL2K; (727) 215-8140
Tim TalbertKJ4REXACS/ARES Skywarn Coordinator, Assistant
Dave ByrumKA4EBXDeputy RO, Deputy
Vern BetlackK4VEBAdministrative Assistant, Deputy RO, Assistant
Doug WilliamsN2DWGovernment Liaison,
Shelter Coordinator,
Assistant EC
Kevin PoormanKV4CTPublic Information Officer (PIO), Assistant
Tim TalbertKJ4REXOfficial Bulletin
Bruce KreutzerKI4CPZEOC Shift One Supervisor,
Deputy RO, Assistant EC; WL2K
Dave RockwellW4PXEEOC Shift Two Supervisor,
USCG Auxiliary Division 7 Liaison
David MooreKK4DLXCERT Liaison/

Note: During an emergency activation, you can contact us in the EOC Radio Room at: (727) 464-3708 or on our 2 meter resource net.

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