Pinellas SKYWARN

The purpose of the SKYWARN® program in Pinellas County Florida is to provide the National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Office at Tampa Bay with timely and accurate reports of severe weather phenomena so that a timely warning can be issued to the public of dangerous weather conditions that include tornadoes, hail, flooding, and damaging thunderstorm winds.

Detailed information about the SKYWARN® program within Pinellas County can be found in the Pinellas County ACS/ARES® SKYWARN® Operations Plan and Standard Operating Procedures document.

Net Control Scripts

This page contains the Net Control Scripts used by Pinellas SKYWARN® during an activation event. Each SKYWARN® Activation level has its own unique set of stand-alone NCS scripts.

The following Net Control Scripts are contained in the document.

  • SKYWARN® Condition YELLOW Announcement Script.
  • SKYWARN® Condition RED Announcement Script.
  • SKYWARN® Condition RED to YELLOW Transition Script.
  • SKYWARN® Condition BLACK Announcement Script.
  • SKYWARN® Condition BLACK to RED Transition Script.
  • SKYWARN® Deactivation Script.
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