Evacuation Shelter Assignments

Shelter status (open/closed) is available on the Pinellas County Emergency Management Department’s shelter page. This link has the current listing of shelters in Pinellas County


While PCACS is pursuing digital (WL2K/RMS Express) capabilities for every shelter, currently, the Shelter Kits only include digital mode support for Special Needs shelters. If you are assigned to a Special Needs shelter please make sure you are comfortable using RMS Express.

Shelters are depicted on the map below. The color of the icon indicates our readiness to operate that shelter. Red icons are where we have no operators currently signed up to volunteer. Orange icons are where we have partial coverage (only one operator assigned). Green are where we have full coverage. If you are interested, you can read about Shelter Operations which includes contact details for signing up to become a Shelter operator and look at the Shelter Training.

The assigned radio operators and level of evacuation the shelter is normally opened for is:

Operator IDsShelter NumberShelter Name and AddressCityCapacityR.M.M.M.ABCDE
2 operators needed1Tarpon Springs Middle School
501 N Florida Ave
Tarpon Springs1413GGGGG
2 operators needed2Brooker Creek Elementary School
3130 Forelock Rd.
Tarpon Springs926GG
2 operators needed3East Lake High School
1300 Silver Eagle Dr.
Tarpon Springs1577GG
2 operators needed4Carwise Middle School
3301 Bentley Dr.
Palm Harbor2709GGG
2 operators needed5Palm Harbor University High School
1900 Omaha St.
Palm Harbor1599GGG
2 operators needed6Palm Harbor Middle School
1800 Tampa Rd.
Palm Harbor1389GGG
2 operators needed7Dunedin Community Center
1920 Pinehurst Rd.
Dunedin533G, SNG
2 operators needed8Dunedin Highland Middle School
70 Patricia Ave.
Dunedin1996 SN, PFSN, PFSN, PFSN, PFSN, PF
2 operators needed9Dunedin Elementary School
900 Union St. N.
2 operators needed10McMullen Booth Elementary School
3025 Union St.
2 operators needed11Safety Harbor Middle School
901 1st Ave N.
Safety Harbor4452G
2 operators needed12Clearwater Fundamental Middle School
1660 Palmetto St.
Clearwater1579G, HFG, HFG, HF
2 operators needed13Skycrest Elementary School
10 N. Corona Avenue
2 operators needed14Belleair Elementary School
1156 Lakeview Road
2 operators needed15Ross Norton Recreation Center
1426 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
Clearwater405G, HFG, HFGGGGG
2 operators needed16Oak Grove Middle School
1370 S. Belcher Rd.
Clearwater1984SN, PFSN, PFSN, PFSN, PFSN, PFSN, PF
2 operators needed17Largo High School
410 Missouri Ave.
Largo641G, HFG, HFGG, HFG, HF
2 operators needed18High Point Elementary School
5921 150th Ave. N.
2 operators needed19Pinellas Park High School
6305 118th Ave N.
Largo2767GG, HFG, HF
2 operators needed20Bauder Elementary School
12755 86th Ave N.
2 operators needed21John Sexton Elementary School
1997 54th Ave. N.
St. Petersburg915G, HFG, HFG, HFGG
2 operators needed22Lealman Intermediate
4900 28th St. N.
St. Petersburg1223GGG, HF
2 operators needed23Northside Baptist Church
6000 38th Ave. N.
St. Petersburg505G, HF, SN
2 operators needed24New Heights Elementary School
3901 37th St. N.
St. Petersburg2304GGG
2 operators needed25St. Petersburg High School
2501 5th Ave. N.
St. Petersburg943G, HFG, HFG, HF
2 operators needed26Fairmount Park Elementary School
575 41st St. S.
St. Petersburg771GG
2 operators needed27Boca Ciega High School
924 58th St. S.
2 operators needed28Gibbs High School
850 34 St. S.
St. Petersburg4037GGG
2 operators needed29John Hopkins Middle School
701 16th St. S.
St. Petersburg1113SNSNSNSNSNSN
2 operators needed30Campbell Park Elementary School
1051 7th Ave. S.
St. Petersburg1773GG
2 operators needed31Jamerson Elementary School
1200 37th St. S.
St. Petersburg898GG
2 operators needed32Gulfport Elementary School
2014 52nd St. S.
2 operators needed33Thurgood Marshall Middle School
3901 22 Ave. S.
St. Petersburg4002G, PFG, PFG, PFG, PF
2 operators needed34James Sanderlin Elementary School
2350 22 Ave. S.
St. Petersburg837GG
Table Legend
  • Evacuation Levels:
    • R. M.: Recommended Evacuations of Mobile Homes and Historically Flood Prone Areas. Weak Tropical Storm - up to 50 mph winds
    • M. M.: Mandatory Evacuations of Mobile Homes and Encourage Evacuations of Historically Flood Prone Areas. Strong Tropical Storm With No Storm Surge - 50 to 73 mph winds
    • A: Mandatory Evacuations of Level A areas
    • B: Mandatory Evacuations of Level B areas
    • C: Mandatory Evacuations of Level C areas
    • D: Mandatory Evacuations of Level D areas
    • E: Mandatory Evacuations of Level E areas

  • Shelter Types:
    • G: General
    • HF: Homeless Friendly
    • PF: Pet Friendly
    • SN: Special Needs
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