SKYWARN Training

Pinellas County Spotter Requirements

The NWS Tampa Bay and Pinellas County require SKYWARN® spotters to meet the following requirements.

  1. Live in Pinellas County
  2. Be at least 18-years of age
  3. Successfully complete SKYWARN® Training once every 3 years.

SKYWARN® Training Webinars and In-person Training

To become a new SKYWARN® Spotter, an individual must complete one of the four training options listed below. Existing spotters must also complete this training once every 3 years.

  1. Attend an in-person training.
  2. Participate in an online SKYWARN® Webinar.
  3. Join the Spotter Network at, take their SKYWARN® Spotter online training and pass quiz.
  4. Take the MetEd SKYWARN Spotter online training course.

The NWS Tampa Bay posts a schedule of up-coming in-person training classes, links to on-line SKYWARN® Webinars, and detailed instructions for on-line training courses on the Tampa Bay SKYWARN page.

NOTE:  The NWS no longer issues SKYWARN® Spotter numbers.

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