Daily Nets

Net NamePrimary FrequencySecondary FrequencyNet TypeTime (Eastern, 24-hour format)Comments
Florida Phone Traffic Net (FPTN)3.940 MHz LSBNTS0655A state level NTS Traffic Net. Organized by: WR4FSU & WC4FSU
Northern Florida ARES Net (NFAN)3.950 MHz LSB7.242 MHz LSBNTS0900 (Mon-Sat only)
Florida Mid-Day Traffic Net (Mid-Day)7.242 MHz LSBNTS1200
Tropical Phone Net (TPN)3.940 MHz LSB7.243 MHz LSBNTS1700
Florida Amateur Sideband Net3.940 MHx LSBNTS1800
SPARC Nightly Net147.060 MHz (+0.600 MHz repeater offset.) Wideband (5kHz). No PL tone.NTS1830Organized by: SPARC
Florida Medium Speed Net3.651 MHz CW7.051 MHzNTS1830CW Net.
Northern Florida Phone Net3.950 MHz LSBNTS1830 (Winter).
1930 (Summer).
All Florida CW Net (QFN)3.547 MHz CW7.051 MHz CWNTS1900CW Net
All Florida CW Net (QFN)3.547 MHz CWNTS2200CW Net
Florida Amateur Sideband Net3.940 LSBNTS2230

If there are nets out of date or missing, please comment and we will correct the listing.

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