Repeater Failure & Simplex Operations

As NCS (Net Control Station) you are in charge. If there is a problem on the primary frequency (145.170 MHz) you will need to:

Fallback to WD4SCD Repeater

Move the Net to the WD4SCD Repeater System (147.030 MHz)

Get a volunteer or assign someone to remain on the primary frequency’s output to announce that the net will be on the backup frequency. If the repeater is unusable, have them operate in simplex mode on the repeater’s output frequency. Do this only if the repeater is unusable. Besides an off the air condition, “unusable” includes any condition that makes the repeater output unusable, such as distorted or noisy audio, low sensitivity, etc.

Once the net has been moved and the announcements are being made on the primary frequency, run the net in a normal fashion.

Fallback to a Unified Simplex Net

If the 147.030 MHz backup repeater is also unusable move the net to 146.430 simplex, wideband (5kHz).

The same procedure and criteria apply here, but be sure that there is someone on the primary (145.170 MHz) and backup (147.030 MHz) frequencies announcing that the net will be on 146.430 simplex.

Remind everyone to use relay stations as needed in Simplex Net Operations.

  1. Put that roll call list aside.
  2. Ask for or assign a North County Area Relay Station and a South County Relay Station.
  3. Call for check ins, checking in those stations you hear.
  4. Have the North County area relay station ask for check ins and relay any check in heard.
  5. Ask everyone to only check in once, even if they can hear both of the North County and South County area relay stations
  6. Have the South County area relay station ask for check ins and relay any check in heard.
  7. After both of the Area Relay stations have taken their check ins, you, as the ACS/ARES NCS, will ask for any other check ins.
  8. When the check in portion is over, the net should go on as any other net would. Have each of the Area Relay stations repeat your instructionsand/or info. Be sure to ask if anyone needs fills or relays periodically.

Fallback to a Split County Simplex Net

If it’s required, fall back to a split county simplex net (split along Ulmerton Rd.) The suggested frequencies are 146.430 (simplex, wideband [5kHz], North of Ulmerton Rd.) and 146.470 (simplex, wideband [5kHz], Sorth of Ulmerton Rd.)

  1. When a NCS has be established for both North and South County Areas, have each of the Area NCS go to their assigned frequency to determine if the frequency is clear to use.
  2. Then Both Area NCS should report back their findings to the ACS/ARES NCS.
    • If all frequencies are clear to use, have all stations move to their designated Area frequency.
    • If an assigned frequency is not clear to use, the ACS/ARES NCS will assign a new frequency to the Area or Areas affected and the Area NCS will again determine the newly assigned frequency’s availability and again report back their findings to the ACS/ARES NCS before moving the stations in that zone to the new frequency.
  3. Both Area NCS should then take a rollcall of stations within thier respective Area only.
  4. Once they have completed their rollcall have them report back to the ACS NCS and give thier reports.
  5. All other stations should remain on their assigned Area frequency until either released from the net or given other instructions.
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