Severe Weather

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Severe weather isn’t out of the ordinary for Tampa Bay. This page collects information from various sources to provide a “situational awareness” into the current weather conditions.

Reporting Severe Weather

If you’ve been through SKYWARN training, you can either report your severe weather on the SKYWARN net, or, if the net isn’t available, directly to the Tampa NWS Office through the 800 number you were provided. A reminder of what to report can be found on the SKYWARN Operations page.

If you are inside a Hurricane Affected area, have Internet access, and winds above 35 mph or significant weather events, consider reporting them to the Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center via their online form.

Current Pinellas County Severe Weather Alerts

Please be sure to check the NWS Tampa Bay Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook daily. It’s an extremely useful to check daily. It presents a graphical view of likelihood of various types of severe weather. If you have a weather radio, Pinellas is covered by two transmitters and Pinellas has a “Specific Area Message Encoding” (SAME code) of 012103.

  • Largo Marine – 162.450 MHz
  • Tampa Bay – 162.550 MHz

National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center’s Latest Content

National Hurricane Center’s Tropical Weather Outlook

Current Weather forecast for Clearwater


Useful links

Tampa Bay - Tropical Cyclone Potential ImpactsOnly updated and active during active threat from hurricanes or tropical storms, but this NWS site use maps and overlays to depict the risks from the storm to the Tampa Bay Area.
Pinellas County Hurricane GuideThe official guidance from Pinellas County on Hurricanes, including preparation, evacuation, and post storm cleanup.
The National Hurricane CenterThe official source of hurricane information from the National Weather Service.
The Storm Prediction CenterThe official source of severe storm predications from the National Weather Service.
Tampa Bay NWSThe National Weather Service's Tampa Bay office.
Central Florida Hurricane CenterThe site is all about is tracking storms, warning folks, and preventing injuries and deaths that would otherwise be catastrophic. Not run by Meteorologists and not an "official" source of weather information. (Paraphrased from their about page).
Hurricane NOWThe focus will be reporting: the latest pictures, sound and information from the scene of the storms. Their mission is to continue to report when conditions are at their worst. (Paraphrased from their about page).
The Weather Channel
A very popular site for weather reports; if you watch the Weather Channel on Cable TV, this is their website.
Severe Warning is a severe weather early warning entity. We analyze global weather patterns, along with current trends on the outer parameter including ocean currents/temperature, wind fields, and circumstances leading up to a possible severe weather event. (Quoted from their about page.)
Spaghetti ModelsA website with a very large number of images and models about tropical weather.
RadarScope Application for Mac, for iOS,
for Android
A commercial application that allows a purchaser to view NEXRAD Level 3 radar data and severe weather warnings.
Bay News 9 WXLocal weather from our local Cable TV News Channel
Weather Space is a weather forecast center and news source including Space and Earthquake News. (Paraphrased from their about page)
APRS FLAPRS information from New Port Richey along with weather and live webcam from 70 feet AGL.
WX WundergroundAnother popular weather website. They support personal weather stations and a very good series of blogs.
N4GD WX StationPinellas Park area personal weather station.
K3DER's WX StationClearwater (Countryside Mall/US-19 & Countryside) area personal weather station.
Pinellas County EM WX Stations
Official weather stations used by Pinellas County Emergency Management.
National Buoy Center
Official buoy information.
College of DuPage's Next Generation Weather LabA university affiliated weather lab.
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