Emergency Operations Training

FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute offers on-line independent study courses that are free of charge to the general public. In order to participate in FEMA training, individuals must first obtain a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID). Instructions for obtaining a FEMA SID are located at the following web site: FEMA SID.

A complete list of FEMA Independent Study Courses is located a the following web site: FEMA IS Course List.

NOTE: The FEMA course numbers listed in the IS Course List will include a revision number (e.g., IS-100.c, IS-800.d). These revision numbers only indicate that the course content has been updated. Therefore, in the following list of required FEMA course, only the base course number will be used (e.g., IS-100, IS-800).

Basic VHF/UHF Communicator

Evacuation Shelter VHF/UHF Communicator

Critical Infrastructure Communicator

Deployable Comm Center Communicator

EOC Radio Room Communicator

General Training Information

PinCo ACS members who will be staffing evacuation shelters (or have an interest in doing so) should be familiar with the shelter radio operating procedures and supporting training.

While not required, PinCo ACS does encourage it’s members to take the following additional courses. Not only are they interesting, they provide insight into how Emergency Management works or about hurricane preparedness.

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