Winlink Training Net


The Pinellas ACS Winlink training net will be used to familiarize ARES®/ACS participants with Winlink skills and to practice digital network operations. Each net will be narrowly focused on a small set of Winlink skills and will be designed to require one hour or less to complete. Network activities will include both directed radio nets and unmanaged radio nets. Directed radio nets will have an active net control station and make use of local VHF/UHF repeaters, RMS gateways, digipeaters, and simplex frequencies. Unmanaged nets will not have an active net control station and will have an operating window of one to five days. Unmanaged nets are designed to provide participants with the additional time needed to research, practice, or request assistance before performing the planned network activity.


The net control station will send a Winlink bulletin to all registered Pinellas ACS Winlink Training Net participants on the Monday prior to a scheduled Winlink net. The Bulletin will contain the following information.

  • Training Net Objectives
  • Network type, date, time, and duration
  • Description of net activities
  • Location of additional material needed to support the net

The training net will be conducted in accordance with the information provided in the weekly Winlink training bulletin.


Winlink Training Nets will take place twice per month. A training net will not take place in the same week that a Winlink Drill, Functional Test, Simulated Emergency Test, or Full-Scale Exercise is scheduled.


As a rule, Winlink users will participate in training nets from their home QTH.

Winlink Training Net Activity

August 2021

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