2022 Service Denied Exercise

The 2022 Service Denied exercise is designed to evaluate the performance of Florida amateur and SHARES radio networks during a simulated communications emergency. It is a multi-county exercise with a total of thirty-four Florida county ARES® / ACS teams participating. The exercise is designed and administered by the North Florida Section of the ARRL®. Pinellas County ACS is a participant in this exercise.

The exercise is scheduled to take place on Saturday October 1st, 2022. It will start at approximately 0730 and will terminate at approximately 1300. The following draft documents have been posted to the PACS Website.

We are actively looking for volunteers to participate. If you want to participate in the exercise, please contact Mike Drake at WA1RYQ@arrl.net no later than Wednesday September 28th so that we can assign you to a team.

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