Digital Mode Training

RMS Express Training

While training is being revised, here are some basic RMS Express materials:

In short, RMS Express is very similar to a normal e-mail program with two very important distinctions:

  1. In addition to using your local Internet connection for sending and receiving mail, it can use VHF/UHF Packet radio or various HF protocols (PACTOR & Winmor.) Your radio acts as a “bridge” from your computer to a remote amateur radio operator’s computer. That ham’s computer then connects, via his or her Internet connection, to the Winlink 2000 e-mail servers to send and receive e-mail. This is a great mechanism during disasters affecting local Internet connectivity.
  2. If no Internet connected sites are available you can send messages “peer-to-peer”. In this mode, the Internet isn’t involved at all. Your computer uses your radio to connect to another amateur radio operator’s radio & computer to send him or her an e-mail. Peer-to-peer mode is slightly challenging in that the person you want to send e-mail to has to be running RMS Express and be in a mode waiting to “receive” connections via peer-to-peer.
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