WL2K RMS Express – An Explanation on How to Use the Whitelist

From Steve Waterman, K4CJX / NNN0ASW, WL2K Development Team:

  1. In the menu, under “Files”, is an option to choose “Preferences.”
  2. Note in Preferences, a checkbox option to insert //WL2K in the subject line. For MARS, that would be //MARS R/ per everyone’s policy. However, on the
    Ham bands, //WL2K or //WL2K R/ is used. Both perform the same function, however. They are interchangeable, but policy asks to use //MARS R/ on MARS frequencies. So, we put it in that way.
  3. If you uncheck the box, no subject message precedence is provided to the subject line. In other words, no //MARS R/.
  4. If you do check that checkbox, it will insert the //MARS R/ in the subject line unless you have manually changed the precedence to another priority, such as //MARS P/.
  5. Other than establishing a routine or other precedence, another purpose for the //MARS R/ precedence in the subject line is provide an informed Internet originator, who has not been e-mailed or included manually in the Whitelist, the ability to send e-mail a user who has not previously e-mailed them. Otherwise, the e-mail originator will be rejected, which is why we have a whitelist in the first place. It is intentional and greatly reduces unwanted mail from the Internet. Those who used the system prior to our insertion of the Whitelist will certainly remember the spam.
  6. If, however, a station has sent a message to someone with an Internet address, then that individual’s address is put in the Whitelist, and therefore, when this individual replies or originates another e-mail, the e-mail does not need the message precedence in the subject line since he is already included in the Winlink user’s Whitelist.
  7. There are several methods of adding or deleting Internet addresses into the Whitelist, including:
    • Using webmail to add or delete entries in the Whitelist.
    • Sending a message to the system over Winlink, which is described below:

From inside the system, that is, as a Winlink user, sending the following message To: SYSTEM with Subject: WHITELIST will assist you in controlling
your own individual Whitelist. In the message body, the following options are available:

  • LIST: – will return a list of all whitelist entries for the user.
  • ACCEPT: jblow@somewhere.com – will allow messages from jblow@somewhere.com to be accepted. You may send multiple lines, each containing one e-mail
  • REJECT: jblow@somewhere.com – will reject any messages from jblow@somewhere.com. You may send multiple lines, each containing one e-mail address.
  • DELETE: jblow@somewhere.com – will remove jblow@somewhere.com from the your Whitelist. You may send multiple lines, each containing one e-mail address
    per line.

Important note: Domain Entries without the “@” will be treated as “domain names” only.

For example, if ACCEPT: arrl.org were entered, then any message from that “domain name” (arrl.org) would be accepted.

An example of such a message to control the Whitelist:

Accept: Joe@somewhere.com

Another example:

Accept: Joe@somewhere.com
Accept: Bill@someplace.net
Accept: Judy@noplace.org
Delete: joan@overthere.com
Delete: steve@someplace.net
Reject: ed@thatplace.net
Reject: nogood.com
Accept: sailmail.com
Accept: ARRL.org
Accept: ARRL.net

Using Winlink webmail to control spam Options:
It is strongly recommended that each Winlink 2000 user set up a password for their Winlink account. This may be done in webmail since your webmail account will have a page that controls your Whitelist.

Airmail has an OFF and ON condition for the WHITELIST and the WHITELIST NOTICE. These are no longer meaningful since the Whitelist option is no longer optional.

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