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Running for All Children 2018

Calling all Volunteers – It’s that time of year again

Running for All Children 2018 will again be in St. Petersburg to accommodate the 3,000 plus runners that we expect. We will need 9 – 10 radio operators for this expanded event.

This is the weekend after Mother’s Day.  This is our 5th year.

                                                         May 19th. 2018

                                          2018 Running for All Children
                                    Pinellas County ARES assignments

Location                                                             Radio                   Call Sign               Name  

  • Net Control – First Aid Station                    Net Control             W4PXE              Dave Rockwell
  • Loc 1  –   All Children’s Hospital                   Radio 1                    KM4BRQ           Tom Powers
  • Loc. 2 –  1 mile Turn Around                        Radio 2                    W8QFV              Mark Boyle
  • Loc.3 – 1st Ave SE & Bayshore                      Radio 3                   W7WMS             Will Scott
  • Loc. 4. –  The Pier                                            Radio 4                   KN4DQK             John Feit
  • Loc.5  –   5K Turn around                              Radio 5                    AG4QX               Bill Williams
  • Loc. 6 – Bayshore & 5th. Ave NE.                 Radio 6                    W8IM                 Dean  Seaver
     (Vinoy Park)
  • Loc. 7 – 7th Ave NE & North Shore Dr        Radio 7                     KK4EMN           Mike Boschetti
  • Loc. 8 – 10 K Turn Around                           Radio 8                     KO4QS              Larry Ruegger
  • Loc. 9 –  Poynter Park – Floater                  Radio 9                     KA4EBX             Dave Byrum

                 Radio Primary Simplex 146.47      Backup 147.030 PL 192.8

Email: Tom Powers –       Cell Phone: 727 304-8758


Map_Running for All Children_2018

2018 Volunteer for ACS

Shelter Operator Survey

ICS-217A Pinellas Shelter Radios 06032015 with linksPlease take the time to fill out a short shelter operator survey. It will help us prepare for Hurricane season! Please Choose an Alternate Shelter in case your Primary Shelter is Not Opened.
See the 2015 SHELTER LIST below the Survey

ICS-217A Pinellas Shelter Radios 06032015 with links

Here is the Final Copy of the Shelter Radio VHF List

VHF Radio Freqs